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FasTags® – Made by Project FasTags Inc – Company Background

Losing a pet can a traumatic event. Even worse is losing a pet that could have been returned if it had been properly marked with an identification tag. That’s where FasTags® come into play. When FasTags® were originally designed in 1994, they were created to fill the need for an instantly available tag.Because Identity is Everything!® Mail away tags took 7-10 days to receive, during which time your pet could be lost. Without a tag your pet might never be returned.

If you are traveling with your pet, FasTags® are essential. Even if you have your dog or cat tagged with a microchip ID tag, you should keep a few FasTags® with you on your journey. If you lose you pet in Memphis, TN, you don’t want someone trying to return your dog or cat to your home in California! With FasTags®, it only take a couple of minutes and a toaster oven to make sure they know where to find you.



FasTags® – The Tag That Shrinks!®

Big Spot (001) Before & After

Big Spot (001) Before & After

It took over a year to develop and refine FasTags® so that they were easy to use, dependable, and durable. The plastic is made to custom specifications, and a durable laminate is included to protect the printed designs. FasTags® begin as large semi-transparent pieces of plastic. The large size allows you to comfortably write your information on the tag. With a mere 3-5 minutes in your oven, the tag shrinks dramatically, as it thickens and becomes opaque. What you are left with is a small durable plastic tag with all of your information, ready in just minutes.

The final process was unique enough to receive a patent in 1997. Since that time millions of FasTags® have been produced for dogs and cats, and sold throughout the US and overseas. Today, there are FasTags® for dogs, cats, and all the different types of bags people carry.

The original character designs created by Cynthia Kirkeby, such as Big Spot and Feasting Feline, have continued to be some of the most popular tags sold by FasTags®, however, the FasTags® line has expanded to include more than 60 unique, and often whimsical designs! Although FasTags® were originally created as a pet tag, customers called to tell us they also used them to mark their camera bags, sport’s bags, and children’s backpacks. In response we introduced some great designs for everyday life, including one for cameras and one for baseball enthusiasts. FasTags® are a great way to tag your bag as yours!



FasTags® – The Tag You Make At Home®

FasTags® make a great family project! Kids can pick out their favorite designs, and with the help of their parents, they can create a durable tag to identify their pet, backpack, camera, or computer. Their FasTags® then attach easily with their choice of the enclosed s-hooks or o-rings.

Another line of tags, FasTags for Tack®, is designed for horse lovers. With saddles, bridles, and gear running as much or more than it does for the horses, having a quick and inexpensive way to tag tack becomes critical. FasTags® for Tack helps solve your vanishing tack problems with stylish designs for both English and Western riders.

FasTags® solve all your identification needs. Whether you have a dog, cat, bag or tack that needs an identification tag. Do you have a new camera you’d like to tag as yours, kids who need to mark their school backpacks and sport’s bags, or a way to mark your show gear? FasTags® can help! In just minutes, your pet or personal item will be marked with essential information that will help identify it, so that it can be returned to you sooner rather than later or not at all.

Don’t be fooled by look-alike tags. Ask for the original shrinking ID tag. There is only one FasTags®.

FasTags® are designed and manufactured in the USA.

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