FasTags® FAQs

  • Is it hard to write clearly on FasTags® ID tags?

    It is easy to write clearly on FasTags® ID tags! Inside each package you will find a practice sheet with lines, where you can use a pencil to practice spacing your words on your tag. It’s important that you write in big letters. Remember, your tag and your printing are going to shrink. If you write with nice, large printing, it will shrink down into nice small printing, but if you start tiny, it’s going to be so small you won’t be able to read it. Make sure that you make your lower case letters large too.

  • Can I write on both sides of my FasTags® ID tag?

    Although you can write on both sides of your FasTags® we recommend that you only write on the front side. Since most FasTags® are subjected to a lot of abuse, the enclosed laminate is necessary to protect the writing and printing on the tag. We do enclose 2 laminates in each package, in case you have trouble with one, or you lose one. In some cases you may be able to use the second laminate to protect any writing you may do on the reverse side of the tag.

  • How do you Attach a FasTags® ID?

    How you attach FasTags® ID tags, depends on the item and your preference. We include both an O-ring and an S-hook. You can use either one alone, or in some cases you may want to use both. You might want to use the O-ring around a handle (on a purse for example) and then attach the tag to the O-ring with the S-hook.

  • The paper stuck to the back of my FasTags® ID. What do I do?

    Sometimes the liner paper sticks to the back of the FasTags® ID when they are cooling. You can gently peel it away most of the time. If needed you can run it under a little bit of cool water and the paper will come right off. Please make sure that you do this before you apply the laminate.

  • Which side of the FasTags® ID tag is the front?

    If you look carefully at your FasTags® ID, you’ll see that one side is printed. You can see the printing through the tag to the other side, but it’s lighter. You want to write on the darker side, which is the side that was printed with the design.

    The easiest way to tell the front from the back, however, is to compare it to the picture inside the package. Most FasTags® are designed with an asymmetrical design, so you can easily match it to the picture on the FasTags® package.

  • What kind of pen do you use to write on FasTags ID Tags?

    Marking pens that are permanent on all surfaces are required for FasTags®. FasTags® brand marking pens are a fine point permanent marker that is designed to work on FasTags ID tags. Other markers, like Sharpie® brand markers will also work.

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