Trademarks Upheld

FasTags® is The Original Shrinking ID Tag
There has been some confusion in the market place about whether FasTags® are the same shrinking ID Tags originally made by FasTags, Inc. The answer is simple… there is only one FasTags®. FasTags® are the Original Shrinking ID Tags!

In August 2003, permission was granted by Judge Alberts of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Santa Ana, California for Cynthia Kirkeby to acquire substantially all of the assets of FasTags, Inc. after her partner placed the original corporation into bankruptcy over her objections.

Part of the sale was for the trademarks and copyrights, including the trademarked name FasTags® and all of the product designs. The original corporation, FasTags, Inc., was still in litigation in both the state and federal courts, so the decision was made to call the resurrected company Project Fastags, Inc.

Our competitor and former partners attempted to invalidate our trademarks, as they tried to copy our packaging and designs. They were unsuccessful. Judge Carter of the California Federal Court certified the validity and ownership of our federally registered trademarks including FasTags®, Because Identity Is Everything®, The Tag That Shrinks®, and The Tag You Make At Home®,

Accept no substitute. Please buy FasTags®, The Original Shrinking ID Tag!

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