Stop! Don’t Give Your Cat That Chocolate

Stop! Don’t Give Your Cat That Chocolate Just because certain foods, such as chocolate, are enjoyed by humans and are perfectly safe for us, it does not mean they are suitable for cats. Chocolate contains chemicals which rarely cause problems for humans, but for cats and other domestic pets, these chemicals can, in rare cases, be deadly. One problem is that cats in general find chocolate very tasty and so, it is important not to feed it...

Does Your Pet Wear a Cat Flea Collar?

Do you believe that you are doing the best you can for your pet by buying a cat flea collar for her? I certainly do but have you noticed that most cat flea collars don’t seem to work? They don’t seem to last for a day let alone the three or four months that they claim they will. I’ve no idea why this is the case but I can suggest some different ways of dealing with the...

Pet Gifts Crawl Onto Holiday Lists – APPMA

The APPMA lists FasTags as one of the Hottest Holiday Pet Products for pet owners…
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